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Farm Fresh

Australian Aquaculture

Experience Award Winning produce all in one place. 

Fresh Pacific Oysters farmed in our southern states of Tasmania & South Australia to Rock Oysters from along the East Coast. Kingfish that has been sustainably farmed to the highest of world standards in the Spencer Gulf of South Australia or perhaps Gold Medal winning Barramundi from Bowen in Far North Queensland.

Our years in the industry has forged long lasting relationships that benefit our clients.

Talk to us today and let us help you find the best option for your menu with year round availability.

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Sustainable Wild-Caught &

Farmed Australian Prawns

It's no secret  Australia has some of the worlds finest Prawns. At Red Coral we stock all species of prawns that can be found around the expansive coast of Australia. Skull Island Tiger Prawns, Spencer Gulf Kings, Queensland Banana Prawns just to name a few.

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Harvested by Hand

We stock a large selection of wild caught hand-harvested product such as shellfish & bivalves and line-caught fresh seafood to suit any menu.

Preference is given to fisheries that actively protect their ecological environments.

Wild Caught & Specialty Seafood

From the early mornings in the fish markets to the constant  communication we have with our fishermen around Australia there's nothing we can not provide you with some forward planning.

If it's in season & it swims,

we will bring it to your door. 

From the elusive Glacier 51 Toothfish from the sub-Antarctic waters of Australia's Heard Island to fresh sashimi Scallop meat from the Shark Bay region in Western Australia.

Think premium, think amazing... we will make it happen

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