OYSTERS Oysters in the southern hemisphere are best eaten during the colder months of June, July & August. The cooler water temperatures produce a much nicer eating quality oyster, full and plump and in peak condition. Available all year round and peaking from May through to September, we see our highest demand during.. you guessed it, the months of December through to January!! The Oyster industry in Australia has been through some challenging times of late, with POMS disease decimating millions of Oysters through Tasmania. With the loss of stock there, the South Australian industry was put under immense pressure to supply which in turn cleaned out many farmers stock. what we are left with

Seafood Market Report

“THE FRESH EDITION” SWORDFISH, TUNA & MARLIN The big 3 are going well, with good supply from our suppliers in FNQ. Great pricing on the Marlin this week. As the weather starts to warm, expect the tuna to drop off a little as they dive deeper to cooler waters. We are happy to say that all our Tuna, Marlin & Swordfish are MSC certified which is a great selling point on your menus. BLUE EYE, HAPUKA & BASS GROUPER We have seen a slight improvement on the Blue Eye catches compared to same time last year, the same goes with the Hapuka. Our money is on the Bass Grouper. Far superior eating quality to the other two (in our opinion!), and with the re-opening of the fishing grounds of the North Islan

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