Ora King Salmon

With all the hype surrounding the Ora King Salmon awards and judging entering the final stages, restaurants need to make sure they're getting what they have asked for. Always ask for the gill-tags to ensure authenticity and full traceability

Market Report

Great line up tomorrow considering the weather is no good Ora King Salmon Flathead Blue Grenadier Warehou Swordfish Rock Ling Red Emperor Mulloway Orange Roughy Spanish Mackeral Flake Gurnard Goldband Snapper John Dory King Dory Hapuka Blue Eye Barramundi Kingfish


Volumes are still coming through quite low as the tail end of snapper quotas wind up in NZ and the unfavourable weather conditions hold back our fishermen from landing any high-volume catches. Our recommendation for the best and most consistent fish for your menus this week are: WILD CAUGHT FLATHEAD: prices have pushed up a little in the last few weeks but the fish is there for the taking. Beautiful medium/large fish coming in from Eden BLUE GRENADIER: take it while it's still there at the amazing price coming in from the markets. Fresh medium/large fish caught off the West Coast of Tasmania SWORDFISH & TUNA: Excellent fish from our friends in FNQueensland. Volume will be low at the tail end


While it's obvious to see that the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing the last few weeks haven't been favourable for fishing, here at Red Coral, we are making sure our customers are getting the variety they need to keep pumping those specials out. while the volume may not be there this week, the quality and variety still stands. Here's a list of the more notable species we will be selling this week. CHATHAM ISLAND BLUE COD: Usually for the high-end venues, we have beautiful Chatham Blue Cod in around the 1kg size. Small quantities so jump on quick MONKFISH (Stargazer): Nice pearly white skinless/boneless fillets available out of NZ. great for a winter seafood pie!! RED GURNA

From a place we'd rather be..

Have you ever wondered why our Barramundi tastes so good? It's all about the farming techniques and extra care taken to produce the cleanest, freshest tasting Barramundi on the market. Farmed in one of the most picturesque places on the planet near Bowen amongst the Whitsunday islands. Check out this video from our friends at Coral Coast Barramundi

Chatham Island Blue Cod

Beautiful Chatham Island Blue Cod has arrived over the weekend here at Red Coral. A beautiful eating fish with soft buttery flesh that would make any foodie just drop at the knees. Caught by pot trap ensuring the environment they live in goes undisturbed, this sustainable catch is available all year round with peak periods during the winter months. Come in and give it a try. Chefs, get ordering now so you can reserve yours quickly

The King of Kingfish

We are loving the new branding & video of our friends at Hiramasa Kingfish check it out:

Unloading this weekend

Beautiful export quality Tuna and Swordfish is being unloaded by our fishermen as we speak. Chef... place your orders for Monday morning 👍

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