July Wholesale Market Report

FLATHEAD (DEEPWATER, ROCK & TIGER). Strong winds around all major fishing ports have slowed all catches across the board, Flathead pricing is strong with very limited catches coming through Oysters Quality of Oysters in the cooler months are always good. Good stock coming through from South Australia, although volumes available still low. Coral Coast Barramundi Perfect fish at the moment with good size 3kg+ fish in the factory now Rockling Good strong catches locally and from New Zealand have seen prices at a good level Blue Grenadier In season with monster catches over the last 3-4 weeks. Pricing excellent and fish quality good. Tuna & Swordfish Excellent quality fish coming through as

New Products

For those that know us well, we get very excited about new products that we can share with our customers. Pictured you will see the Wild Scampi Caviar from Shark Bay, Western Australia. A little bit here, and a little bit there, transform your menu into something that people will talk about for days. Check out the butterflied Sardine fillet coming out of our friends in the West and the tasty little School Whiting fillet straight from the Lakes Entrance fisherman's Co-op. Call us for more details and we can "hook-you-up!" with the product.

Ora King Awards 2017

Ora King Salmon awards 2017. All finalists will join the Ora King family on an exclusive chef’s tour of Japan in October.

Coral Coast Barramundi

As a native fish to our country, Barramundi has become a favourite over the generations. The name Barramundi is believed to come from an Aboriginal word meaning "fish with large scales". Red Coral is currently sourcing our Barramundi from the Coral Coast farm near Bowen in the Whitsunday region of Far North Queensland. Coral Coast Barramundi is quite unique in that it is farmed using the pristine waters of the ocean resulting in a pure, clean flavour 12 months of the year. With no muddy after taste such as Barramundi farmed in rivers and estuaries around Australia, the Coral Coast Barramundi has become a favourite amongst our chefs. A great sustainable alternative whose farming operations ha

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