Spring is in the air, and with this business begins to pick-up for everyone. Here is the Wholesale Market Report for September to help give you a guide with what’s-what in the world of seafood this time of year.

BLUE EYE, HAPUKA, GROUPER : Quota has been cut-back in NZ, and with this prices on Blue Eye, Hapuka & Bass Grouper have jumped dramatically. Look at other species as an alternative such as Murray Cod or Spotted Cod when available.

FLATHEAD/GURNARD : After a stretch of high pricing, Flathead has come back a little in price going out at under $40 for skinless/boneless Tails. If the weather holds (no-wind), we could see it come back some more in the coming weeks. We are stocking a good amount of frozen Gurnard Tails out of New Zealand as a great alternative for fish & chips.

SARDINE : We are loving the fresh Sardines out of Port Lincoln at the moment. In particular the butterflied boneless fillets from Pro-Seafoods. Each 500gm pack contains approx. 25 fillets which in turn prices each unit at approx. 50cents each. Sardines on toast anyone??


PIPI out of Goolwah South Australia is still facing harvesting issues due to heavy winter storms and low in-shore water temperatures. We are seeing a limited amount come from other areas.

VONGOLE: we have a steady supply from Coffin Bay which is a great alternative to the Pipi at this stage.

DIAMOND CLAMS : New stock available this Wednesday from Cloudy Bay N.Z. MUSSELS : We are recommending the Port Arlington & Dromana variety. Spring Bay Tasmania has been closed to the algae bloom discovered in the farms


HERVEY BAY QLD : New stock arriving daily, we have a range of sizes to suit from Medium through to Extra Large all snap-frozen on the ½ shell.

QUEEN SCALLOPS : Available weekly (pre-orders please) from Kangaroo Island S.A. Our first foray into this area was extremely popular with stock selling out in minutes. They are landing to us fresh, never frozen. Season is in full-swing with about 4 weeks to go.

PORT PHILLIP BAY: Let’s not forget our guys diving in Victoria, scallops are available almost daily, fresh & live until the end of December.

ORA KING SALMON : As we head into Spring, there are some things to note. Supply is good at this stage, flesh will become a little soft and experience summer gape. This is a natural nature of the fish, due to good fat content, natural production methods & seasonal nature.

OYSTERS: Supply is ok at this stage, but we are pre-empting a shut-down of farms in Tasmania due to the recent algae bloom at the Spring Bay mussel farm. Supply from southern NSW is still ok, with great stock arriving from along the sapphire coast.

TUNA, SWORDFISH & MARLIN : Great fish, consistent quality with good amount of fat-content coming from Mooloolaba all the way down to Coffs Harbour.

TASMANIAN SALMON : Average quality fish with soft flesh condition due to warmer temperatures and poor feeding. Very common over the last 4 years from all the producers down there.

OCTOPUS: Victorian, Tasmanian & South Aus. Octopus has been very scarce the last month or so. We are stocking the beautiful and very popular Freemantle Octopus as an alternative. Some say it’s the best in the world, but we will leave it

to you to decide. Packed in convenient 1kg vacuum sealed packs frozen

As always, we thank our chefs for their wonderful support. Feel free to contact us should you have any other questions.

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