Seafood Market Report



The big 3 are going well, with good supply from our suppliers in FNQ. Great pricing on the Marlin this week. As the weather starts to warm, expect the tuna to drop off a little as they dive deeper to cooler waters. We are happy to say that all our Tuna, Marlin & Swordfish are MSC certified which is a great selling point on your menus.

BLUE EYE, HAPUKA & BASS GROUPER We have seen a slight improvement on the Blue Eye catches compared to same time last year, the same goes with the Hapuka. Our money is on the Bass Grouper. Far superior eating quality to the other two (in our opinion!), and with the re-opening of the fishing grounds of the North Island in New Zealand, we should continue to see better pricing come through

OYSTERS, MUSSELS & SCALLOPS Mussels - Best quality mussels are local from Victoria at the moment. POMS, algae and a variety of other issues have unfortunately impacted mussel farming in Tasmania that I don’t think we will see a return this year. Scallops – Local hand-dived scallops are readily available (24 hour notice) from our local divers. Condition is very good. Oysters – Supply will be very limited this year with majority of farms already sold out of stock for this year. Prices climbing every second week and condition of oysters are at about 80%. We are recommending they be sold on the “specials boards” for that shortage that will hit eventually.

FLATHEAD, GURNARD & WHITING Flathead quota have just fired off so when the catches come through expect the prices to soften. Gurnard is gaining popularity on the menus, especially the Red Gurnard coming from New Zealand. A much sweeter flavour than Flathead and coming from good sustainable stocks. King George catches have been very low, especially with the closure of Victorian fishing areas so expect very high pricing coming into summer this year.

SNAPPER Beautiful quality snapper all around and coming through in many sizes. Plate size (4/500gm), 1-1.5kg and some magic 2kg specimens. We target line-caught varieties which ensure a much better flavour and meat quality.

ORA KING SALMON, HIRAMASA KINGFISH & CONE BAY BARRAMUNDI For a consistent sure supply over the summer months, you can’t go past these three. The higher than usual fat content gives you a far superior shelf-life than any other farmed fish out there and the branding that comes with these adds much more value to your menus

BLUE GRENADIER & TREVALLY Super catches a month or two back saw Blue Grenadier around the $10 kg range which made many of our chefs around town extremely happy.

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