August 14, 2017

Volumes are still coming through quite low as the tail end of snapper quotas wind up in NZ and the unfavourable weather conditions hold back our fishermen from landing any high-volume catches.

Our recommendation for the best and most consistent fish for your menus this week are:




FLATHEAD: prices have pushed up a little in the last few weeks but the fish is there for the taking. Beautiful medium/large fish coming in from Eden


BLUE GRENADIER: take it while it's still there at the amazing price coming in from the markets. Fresh medium/large fish caught off the West Coast of Tasmania


SWORDFISH & TUNA: Excellent fish from our friends in FNQueensland. Volume will be low at the tail end of the week as we come off the fishing moon-cycle


BLUE EYE: Beautiful line-caught fish from Tasmania. Prices have dipped only a little, but the quality of fish is excellent. Volume is low so order early in the week


GOLDBAND SNAPPER: Great alternative for the low availability of Pink snapper. good size fish coming out of QLD & WA



When the going gets tough we can always rely on our good consistant supply of farmed fish. Our favourites this week are:


MUSSELS: We have sensational Large Eden Mussels available this week from Two Fold Bay. Nice full heavy shells producing some great meat this time of year


RAINBOW TROUT: Supplied fresh daily from our friends at Eildon Trout Farm. A small boutique farm that produces some fantastic fish for us all year round


HIRAMASA KINGFISH: The King of Kingfish. Clean, consistent quality fish from the Spencer Gulf. Very versatile used in many applications from sashimi to grilling and baking


BARRAMUNDI: Cone Bay W.A to Coral Coast QLD, we are offering our chefs both. A good, strong consistent seller, even through the winter months


ORA KING: The Wagyu of the Sea continues to gain popularity and can be found everywhere, from cafe menus to elite fine dining restaurants around the country











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