While it's obvious to see that the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing the last few weeks haven't been favourable for fishing, here at Red Coral, we are making sure our customers are getting the variety they need to keep pumping those specials out. while the volume may not be there this week, the quality and variety still stands. Here's a list of the more notable species we will be selling this week.

CHATHAM ISLAND BLUE COD: Usually for the high-end venues, we have beautiful Chatham Blue Cod in around the 1kg size. Small quantities so jump on quick

MONKFISH (Stargazer): Nice pearly white skinless/boneless fillets available out of NZ. great for a winter seafood pie!!

RED GURNARD: Nice fat fillets available. Great alternative to Flathead at the moment, with a much sweeter taste

OCTOPUS: Plenty available via South Australia. Believe it or not, sales on the Large Octopus are still through the roof in the winter months. nothing warms you up better than a serve of char-grilled octopus!!

HIRAMASA KINGFISH: Very versatile fish. Perfect for sashimi applications. fish is very fatty at the moment and very popular this time of the year

KING TARAKIHI (XL Sea Bream): Line caught Ikejime fish from New Zealand. Very popular in the Japanese restaurants at the moment. Available in any format you wish. (Whole, skin on, skinless & boneless etc)

FLOUNDER: Nice fat plate size (500gm) fish from New Zealand

SNAPPER: Very limited!! All sizes available, order early in the week

TUNA & SWORDFISH: A Grade sashimi Tuna available all week. We have Big Eye & Yellowfin available for the hardcore chefs out there. Good, fat, winter fish. Swordfish is on point, with the best quality available in Melbourne available right here!

RED EMPEROR, SPANISH MACKEREL & GOLDBAND SNAPPER: Excellent quality fish on all three lines coming out of FNQueensland . Goldband a little short this week, so order very early on.

BLUE EYE & HAPUKA: Blue Eye has been a little short lately so order early in the week. Hapuka is more reasonably priced and quality excellent

ORA KING SALMON: What can we say? the Wagyu of the Sea is still going strong.

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