Coral Coast Barramundi

As a native fish to our country, Barramundi has become a favourite over the generations. The name Barramundi is believed to come from an Aboriginal word meaning "fish with large scales".

Red Coral is currently sourcing our Barramundi from the Coral Coast farm near Bowen in the Whitsunday region of Far North Queensland.

Coral Coast Barramundi is quite unique in that it is farmed using the pristine waters of the ocean resulting in a pure, clean flavour 12 months of the year. With no muddy after taste such as Barramundi farmed in rivers and estuaries around Australia, the Coral Coast Barramundi has become a favourite amongst our chefs.

A great sustainable alternative whose farming operations has little to no effect to its surrounding environment.

Coral Coast Barramundi has been awarded 2016 Champion and Gold Medal winner at the 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

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