June Wholesale Market Report

Another tough week of fishing with long-weekends running back to back in Australia & New Zealand pushing supply back a few days. There are a few standouts as always, so take advantage while you can and keep that quality up on the menus.

Tuna & Swordfish: Our friends from Walkers fishing fleet continue to amaze with their top quality landings. Swordfish, Albacore Tuna, Yellowfin & Big Eye Tuna coming through consistently with the odd Mahi Mahi and Sashimi Black Snapper in the mix.

Snapper: Line-caught gear coming through consistently from NZ, with all sizes available. Popular 4/500gm and 800/1kg in great supply. Goldband Snapper & Black Sashimi Snapper coming in at least twice per week.

Victoria: Nice large King George Whiting landing almost daily as the fish makes its annual run through the bay and around Welshpool and Corner Inlet. Port Phillip Bay hand-dived Scallops coming through every few days (pre-order is a must). Nice quality Calamari, Mussels and Snapper around with plenty of Flathead also coming through.

New South Wales: Wild Mulloway, Bonito, Mirror Dory & Spanish Makeral take the top spot coming to us from New South Wales

Oysters: The supply is there, with good quality stock coming in from Coffin Bay and surrounding areas. Farmers are talking about a shortage this summer, so be prepared for some price increases in the second half of the year.

Prawns: New season stock has arrived. Prawns from Hervey Bay, Mooloolaba and the Spencer Gulf available in cooked & raw with some excellent examples of peeled raw prawn cutlets for your menus.

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