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Red Coral  is proud to announce the arrival of an exciting new product – The Abrolhos Island Scallop. (Amusium balloti)
Comprising 122 low-lying coral-fringed islands, the Abrolhos Islands stretch across 100km of Indian Ocean and lie 60km west of Geraldton on WA’s mid-west coast. Lying in the stream of Western Australia's warm, southward-flowing Leeuwin Current, the marine environment surrounding the Abrolhos is a meeting place for tropical and temperate marine life.
Some scallop species can swim and the Abrolhos Island scallop is an active swimmer, building the strength of the adductor (the meat). The result of this activity is a scallop which has the lowest water to protein level of any scallop in Australia which is reflected in the incredible sweetness in flavour and firm yet buttery texture of the meat.
Using short trawl shots of less than 45 minutes, the scallops are landed on deck live and quickly dryshucked, thus avoiding any exposure to freshwater. 
The Abrolhos Island Scallop is characterised by its natural sweetness and long, umami rich back palate with light notes of melon and crayfish.

The firm yet yielding texture makes it versatile as a sashimi or seared scallop.


Limited volumes are available, get in quick.

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